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A Perfect Christmas Gift

December 15, 2011

One of the important tasks of historical scholarship is to remind contemporary readers of those important persons, events, and ideas that have since been largely forgotten. It is this sort of task of retrieval that Adam Embry, regular contributor here at SoS, undertakes in his new book, Keeper of the Great Seal of Heaven: Sealing of the Spirit in the Life and Thought of John Flavel (Reformation Heritage Books, 2011). Although Flavel was a widely read author in his own day, as well as in the century after his death, influencing a variety of later theologians such as Jonathan Edwards, probably few people today have ever even heard of him. Kudos to Adam for attempting to bring Flavel back into the spotlight, and congratulations to him on publishing this book! Furthermore, this book represents the fruit of Adam’s studies for his ThM degree, so he is to be commended for making this kind of scholarship available for a wider readership. If you’re still looking for a good gift for a layman, pastor, or student this Christmas, then what better gift to give than this! Currently Reformation Heritage Books has the book at a discounted price, so now is the time to get it!

Here’s the table of contents, to give you an idea of what the book is about:

Foreword by Joel R. Beeke

  1. Flavel, the Spirit, and Puritanism
  2. A Life of John Flavel
  3. Flavel’s Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
  4. Flavel’s View of the Sealing of the Spirit
  5. Flavel, the Spirit, and Evangelicalism

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